Samsung Says No Android 4.0 Update for Galaxy S

Ryan Whitwam

Taken together, the international Samsung Galaxy S and the US variants became the best-selling Android handsets of 2010. Millions of the devices were sold, but now Samsung is leaving a lump of coal in many a stocking this holiday season with the announcement that there will be no update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S phones.

Samsung’s proprietary interface layer, called TouchWiz. The Galaxy S devices simply lack the storage and RAM to run the software the way Samsung wants to implement it. This is especially irksome because the Nexus S, which has almost identical hardware, is happily running stock Android 4.0 right now.

Once again a manufacturer’s insistence on an unnecessary differentiating software build has hurt the users. This time it’s not just delayed updates, as in the case of the 2.2 version of Android, but the devices are just being cut off entirely. Any Galaxy S users out there feeling let down?

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