Samsung Reportedly Readying Octa-Core Nexus 11 Tablet

Pulkit Chandna

Nexus 10 successor said to pack an 11-inch display

Given Google's unwillingness to disclose sales figures pertaining to its Nexus tablets, we are left with no other choice but to rely on educated guesses by market analysts like Enders Analysis strategy consultant Benedict Evans, who recently estimated the total sales of Nexus 7 to be around 6.8 million units and that of the Nexus 10 around one-tenth as much. Evans’ Nexus 10 sales estimate in particular, if it bears any truth, is nothing to write home about. But, if a new rumor is to be believed, Nexus 10 manufacturer Samsung may be working on redeeming itself by launching the world’s first octa-core tablet.

According to , a successor to the Nexus 10 is in the works at Samsung, but needs one final approval from Google. The site describes the Nexus 11, as the rumored device is allegedly called, as being a “high-end 11” tablet.” Besides an octa-core Exynox 5410 chip, it is said to pack an 11-inch Super PLS TFT display, an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. Apparently, MicroSD support is also likely, but hasn’t been confirmed.

In the same report, the site talks about three other tablets upcoming tablets: the dual-core, dual-sim Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0 that has a 7-inch display (1024x600); the quad-core (Exynox 4412) Galaxy Tab 8.0 that sports an 8-inch full HD display; and finally a dual-core (Exynos 5250) variant of the Nexus 11 caled Galaxy Tab 11.

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