Samsung Reportedly Picks Intel Chip for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Pulkit Chandna

Many reports point to big tablet design win for Intel

Thus far, Intel’s attempts at making a dent in the ARM-dominated tablet market have been mostly unsuccessful. But the chipmaker may finally be able to turn the corner, if recent reports that Samsung, the world’s second-largest tablet vendor, has chosen one of Intel’s x86 chips for an upcoming Android tablet are accurate.

The tablet in question is the next iteration of the South Korean company’s flagship 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab, a direct rival to the 9.7-inch Apple iPad, and the latest such report comes from the venerable news agency Reuters, which got the information from an unnamed “source with knowledge of the plans.”

According to the report, the Korean electronics behemoth has chosen Intel’s Clover Trail+ SoC for at least one variant of the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 . Although its sources have told the news agency that Samsung is planning to unveil a bunch of new Windows “ATIV” tablets at a June 20 event in London, they aren’t sure if the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will also be announced at the same event.

This is neither the only nor the first report of its kind. VentureBeat was the first one to report about Intel’s alleged “big score.” Back in Samsung’s native South Korea, the Korea Times also carried a similar report on Thursday.

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