Samsung: Power Outage Won't Affect Memory Production


Following a brief power outage at one of Samsung's production bases in Kiheung on Wednesday, there was some concern over what impact it would have on the company's production. Looking to put everyone's mind at ease, Samsung says the one hour blackout will not have a significant impact.

That's good news in what's already a tight DRAM market. The blackout hit Samsung's 12-inch Fab 13 and Fab 14 facilities, which are mainly responsible for DRAM and NAND flash production. Fab 13 churns out about 120,000 wafers every month, while Fab 14 pushes out about 130,000.

This isn't the first time a power outage has rocked Kiheung. In 2007, a serious blackout forced Samsung to temporarily shut down six of its production lines, most of which wreaked havoc on the company's NAND flash products.

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