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Samsung P2370HD

At A Glance

Tune In

Easy configuration; includes composite and component video inputs; HDTV tuner.

Tune Out

Interior bezel edge reflects objects appearing at the display's outermost edges.

Do we have to buy the tuner?

Samsung’s heritage as a consumer-electronics manufacturer is readily apparent in its P2370HD monitor. This is the only display we looked at that included not only an integrated HDTV (ATSC) tuner, but also composite and component video inputs, S/PDIF audio output, and support for Dolby Digital Plus.

The P2370HD was also the easiest display to set up and configure, thanks to a very useful remote control, a built-in graphical user interface that steps you through the process, and input ports that are set at right angles, instead of parallel, to its back. The port configuration lets you see how the DVI and HDMI ports are oriented without having to turn the entire monitor upside down.

The interior edge of the Samsung P2370HD's bezel has an unpleasant propensity to reflect objects appearing at the display's outermost edges.

Samsung claims its proprietary frame-rate control technology (Hi-FRC) enables this six-bit panel to produce the same number of colors as an eight-bit panel (16,777,216), and that it covers a broader swath of the NTSC color gamut (80 percent). We found the difference just barely perceptible: It did render DisplayMate’s high-res digital photos slightly warmer than the rest of the field, but we really had to stare.

Don’t need the TV tuner? Don’t buy Samsung’s P2370 model thinking you’ll get everything but. That model is limited to DVI and VGA video inputs (no HDMI), and it has no speakers, headphone jack, or remote.

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Viewable Area
23 inches
Native Resolution
Color Gamut
80 percent of NTSC
Color Depth
6-bit with Hi-FRC
Gray-to-Gray Response Time
DVI, HDMI, VGA, Composite, Component

Samsung P2370HD

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