Samsung Outs N230 Netbook with 13.8-Hour Battery Life

Paul Lilly

The latest addition to Samsung's N-Series netbook range -- the N230 -- is really just another netbook in a what's long been a crowded market, only this one promises to stay up and running all day long, and then some.

"A long battery life is vital to a reliable mobile computing experience and the N230 has been designed to provide just that: With Samsung’s innovative LED display, optimized processing performance and proprietary Enhanced Battery Life (EBL) solutions, the N230 delivers incredible energy-efficiency. It offers an extensive battery life of up to 7 hours as standard and with an optional long-life battery. This can be extended up to an amazing 13.8 hours (66Wh battery)," Samsung said.

Other features include the usual suspects, including a 10.1-inch screen, Intel Atom N450 (1.66GHz) or N470 (1.8Ghz) processor, 1GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, and everything else common to most modern netbooks.

While the inside is mostly familiar, Samsung did upgrade the chassis compared to previous N-Series netbooks. The N230 sports a brushed metal palm rest, chrome hinges, a borderless chiclet keyboard, and a revamped trackbad with two buttons instead of one.

Samsung says the N230 is available now, though we've only been able to spot a handful of vendors selling the unit. So far, pricing has hovered at around $400 for the smaller battery version.

Image Credit: Samsung

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