Samsung Offers 1TB Internal Hard Drive For Laptops

Brad Chacos

Laptops are catching up to traditional computers in a lot of ways, but they're still lagging a bit behind in terms of disk space. Terabyte hard drives aren't quite a dime a dozen on desktops, but you can still find a decent one for under $100, and we've seen several PCs sporting a TB drive with their basic configurations. Laptops haven't been so lucky, though – manufacturers simply aren't offering 1TB options. Samsung's coming to the rescue of storage-deprived portable PC owners with the announcement of a new 1TB internal hard drive designed for use with laptops.

The 9.5mm-slim Spinpoint M8 features two separate 500GB platters for a total storage size of 1TB, according to Samsung's press release . Samsung says they achieved the small size by using an advanced formatting technology that allows them to store more data per unit area, making the overall hard drive denser. The drive uses a 3 gigabits/second SATA interface and includes 8MB of buffer memory.

If you need to beef your portable storage, you can pick up the Spinpoint M8 soon for $129.99.

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