Samsung NC215S Solar Powered Netbook Coming to Russia

Ryan Whitwam

Now, stick with us here. We know that as readers of technology blogs, the sun is your natural enemy. But the new Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook can use those sun rays to powers your computer. The downside? You’ll have to go to Russia to buy one.

The NC215S previously launched in the African market, but the folks in Russia will be able to pick one up for 13,999 rubles ($479) this August. The entire lid of the computer is a large solar panel which boosts the battery life of the NC215S to 14.5 hours in sunlight. We don’t know if that includes having the brightness cranked, but that’s going to be necessary seeing as you’re out in the sun.

Other specs include a 1.6GHz N570 Atom dual-core, 250GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM in a 2.9 pound chassis. Is a fairly conventional netbook with the addition of a solar panel in any way appealing to you? Hoping for a US launch?

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