Samsung, Microsoft Discussing Ways to Make Vista More SSD-friendly


Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in attracting reluctant users towards Windows Vista. It knows deep inside that Vista needs more than advertising gimmicks like the 'Mojave experiment' and that it needs to tend to the much publicized performance issues with the OS. Microsoft seems to be committed to one such issue, that of Vista not being optimized for SSDs.

Samsung is holding discussions with Microsoft about making the latter’s OSes and SSDs more congruous. MS is already working with leading flash-based memory manufacturer SanDisk on the issue. Although Samsung hasn’t released any details about the ongoing discussions, Forward Insights’ analyst Gregory Wang told PC World that both companies might be working on a solution which will make it possible for the OS to recognize the SSDs peculiar 4kb cluster size , which is currently taken to be 512kb - same as hard drives - by the OS.

Image Credit: Uber Gizmo

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