Samsung, Micron And Others Form Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium To Promote Faster, Better DRAM

Brad Chacos

Consortium. No, it’s not a sequel to Syndicate, it’s what Samsung, Micron Technology and a handful of other companies formed yesterday in order to design and promote specifications for the brand-spankin’ new Hybrid Memory Cube memory technology making the rounds. The innovatively named Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium says the technology can one-up traditional DDR3 DRAM in multiple areas – and the consortium wants to see to it that it happens.

HMC uses high-speed logic processes and consists on a logic layer with several DRAM dies stacked atop it to create cube-like stacks of memory that can supposedly deliver “15 times the performance of a DDR3 module” while simultaneously “utilizing 70% less energy per bit than DDR3 DRAM,” according to the group’s website . Micron teamed up with Intel to create the technology, which was shown off at the Intel Developer Forum last month. Bryan Casper explained why Intel helped out with the process over at the Research@Intel blog .

Interestingly enough, Intel isn’t an inaugural member of the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium; Altera, Open-Silicon Inc. and Xilinx Inc. join Samsung and Micron among the initial companies in the group.

“HMC brings a new level of capability to memory that provides exponential performance and efficiency gains that will redefine the future of memory,” Micron VP Robert Fuerle said in the Consortium’s press release. “Guidance by the industry consortium will help drive the fastest possible adoption of the technology, resulting in what we believe will be radical improvements to computing systems.”

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