Samsung May Opt to Block Third Party Accessories on Galaxy Devices

Paul Lilly

A new chip from Samsung checks for authentic accessories

Samsung and Apple, the two biggest players in the mobile space, would love it if consumers only purchased authentic first-party accessories for use with their respective handsets and tablets. Unfortunately for consumers, genuine accessories tend to carry a premium price tag over third-party alternatives, making them less appealing. Nevertheless, both companies have taken steps to encourage first-party purchases -- Apple by changing its connector and Samsung by building an authenticity recognition chip.

Samsung's solution could be a game changer. According to , the chip might already be installed in the Galaxy Note 3, and if activated, it could prevent certain functions from working properly on third-party accessories, such as wireless charging and other features.

If Samsung goes this route, it would likely be a hugely unpopular move, and one that the South Korean electronics maker would defend by pointing out reports of third-party batteries catching fire and other problems associated with third party accessories.

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