Samsung May Ditch Australian Galaxy Tab If Apple-Spurred Sales Injunction Isn't Lifted

Brad Chacos

While we’re talking patent trolling, let’s talk about the global Apple-Samsung battle. Apple has been suing Samsung in courts around the world, claiming that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 rips Apple’s patented design of the iPad, which consists of, um, a rectangle with a screen on one face. How they got a patent for that is beyond us, but that template has prompted judges in Australia and other countries to block sales of the Galaxy Tab until the case is decided. Samsung’s getting pretty fed up with it all, and it today, it threatened to withdraw from Australia altogether if the injunction wasn’t lifted soon.

Apple has already delayed the Australian launch of the Galaxy Tab by more than two months, Bloomberg reports . Today, Samsung lawyer Neil Young told Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett that the company could be forced to ditch its plans to bring the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the Australian market if the ban on sales wasn’t lifted ASAP. If courtroom wrangling caused the Tab to miss the Christmas rush, Young said the tablet would be “Dead” in that country and implied that it wouldn’t even be worth launching there.

Of course, Apple would love if one of the best-reviewed Android tablets missed out on holiday sales. They’ve already turned down Samsung’s request to fast-track the case. In the meantime, check out Apple’s design patent and ask yourself if there is any tablet on the market that doesn’t infringe on the ridiculous blueprint.

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