Samsung Looks to Sneak Past Asus in Netbook Shipments


Citing anonymous sources from component makers, news and rumor site DigiTimes says Samsung has a fighting chance at leapfrogging over Asus in the ever-popular netbook market, at least in terms of shipments.

There seems to be a bit of mixed opinion over how active Samsung looks to be in 2010. Some of Samsung's component partners expect the company to ship about seven million notebooks in 2010, while others say the company will surpass 10 million units, with between 7-8 million of those being netbooks.

And what about Asus? The Eee PC manufacturer is targeting just six million netbooks in 2010. That would leave the door open for Samsung to sneak into the second spot behind Acer, who is forecast to ship some 12 million netbooks in 2010.

Image Credit: Samsung

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