Samsung Launches First 1,000 ANSI LED Projector

Paul Lilly

Samsung has teamed up with 3LCD to deliver the first ever 3LCD LED projector, the F10M. You may recall the F10M from when it was first announced at CES earlier this year. The F10M made headlines as the world's first LED-based projector to break the 1,000 lumens mark.

"Utilizing 3LCD technology in the F10M was an obvious choice," said Tom Grau, senior product marketing manager for Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. "The technology advantages offered by the 3LCD architecture ensure the F10M provides customers with an incredibly bright and energy efficient projector, and when paired with an LED light source, even more amazing color and image quality."

Like all 3LCD projectors, the F10M uses a 3-chip optical engine. It doesn't rely on a color wheel, and as a result it doesn't suffer from the so-called "rainbow effect" or "color break-up," 3LCD says. The F10M is capable of beaming an XGA image ranging in size from 40 inches to 300 inches and includes HDMI input and PC connectivity. For you impatient types, 3LCD also promises instant-on/off functionality with virtually no warm-up time.

No word yet on when this will go on sale or for how much.

Image Credit: Samsung

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