Samsung Isn't Interested In HP's PC Business

Brad Chacos

Nothing gets the rumor mill a-churnin’ like the top PC supplier around announcing that it’s selling off its PC business. Ever since HP made the earth-shaking declaration that it was looking to spin off or sell the Personal Systems Group – i.e., the PC division – portion of its business, the web’s been wondering: who would buy it? Yesterday, DigiTimes reported that Samsung was outsourcing its notebook line to free up factory space in advance of buying HP’s PC branch. Not so fast, Samsung retorted.

“Samsung Electronics said Wednesday that it has no intention of taking over Hewlett-Packard’s personal computer business,” MarketWatch reported earlier today . So that’s that, it appears – Samsung’s declaration to MarketWatch didn’t contain any of the standard “We’re keeping our options open and always evaluating possibilities” type of PR disclaimers that typically accompany statements like this.

Which company out there do you think will end up with HP’s market-leading PC line? Does anybody want it after the HP PR debacle? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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