Samsung is Not Installing Key Logging Software on New Laptops

Ryan Whitwam

If you placed your Samsung laptop safely in the corner yesterday, and have been eyeing it suspiciously, you can stop now. Reports that Sammy was installing a keylogger application called StarLogger on new laptops have been verified as false . Samsung points the finger at the VIPRE security program used by a Toronto-based security expert for the false alarm.

VIPRE apparently flagged a directory used by Windows Live, thinking it was key logging software. The researcher repeated the test on other machines, finding the same problem. He assumed that Samsung was, for some reason, installing the malware on new PCs and raised the alarm. Samsung took note of the claim and was able to sort it out in a few hours.

According to GFI Security, the makers of VIPRE, the problem stems from the use of a “rarely used and aggressive VIPRE detection method.” The folder path analysis was valid for StarLogger when it was included several years ago, but in the interim, Microsoft happened to start using the same directory for Windows Live Slovenian language files. Basically, it was just a strange confluence of events and your Samsung laptop is safe.

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