Samsung Hires Former U.K. Judge Who Slammed Apple

Paul Lilly

Something tells us Apple isn't real happy about this.

Last year, a U.K. judge did more than just side with Samsung in a case brought against it by Apple. Judge Robin Jacob also ordered Apple to post a statement on on the front page of its website, as well as in newspapers and magazines, saying that Samsung had not copied Apple's design patent. It basically boiled down to a public apology, and eventually Apple was ordered to pay Samsung's lawyer's fees on an indemnity basis. Apple would go on to win a huge damages award in the U.S., but what of the U.K. judge? He now works for Samsung.

It's true, according to Foss Patents , which points out that at one point, former Judge Robin Jacob noted a "lack of integrity" on Apple's part.

"For someone so concerned with 'integrity' it is utterly unusual to issue a high-profile and extreme ruling in favor of a particular party (Samsung in this case) only to be hired as an expert by that same party in another dispute," Foss Patents writes.

Jacob had actually retired a year prior to Apple and Samsung duking it out in U.K. court, but under Section 9 of the Senior Courts Act of 1981, ex-judges can be invited to sit on the bench. So it was with Jacob, who handled the Samsung v Apple suit that made so many headlines.

Now just a few months later, Samsung has hired Jacob as one of nine legal experts in a patent infringement case filed by Ericsson against Samsung. Under U.K. law, he's not doing any illegal, even if it does raise a few eyebrows.

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