Samsung Giving Away Extended Life Battery Bundle to Galaxy Nexus Buyers

Paul Lilly

We just received an email from Samsung Mobile letting us know about a new promotion tied to the company's Galaxy Nexus. Beginning Thursday, March 29 and running six weeks through May 10 (or while supplies last), customers who purchase the Galaxy Nexus and sign a two-year service agreement will be eligible to receive a free battery bundle kit that includes an extended-life i515 2100mAh battery and back cover.

The 2100mAh battery is an upgrade over the stock 1750mAh unit included with the Galaxy Nexus and normally sells for $50 through Samsung (or around $34 street ). Samsung didn't provide any battery life claims for the i515, though the additional juice can only help, especially considering the Galaxy Nexus is a 4G LTE device with a spacious 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display.

Samsung says in order to receive the promotional bundle, customers are "encouraged" to visit Samsung Direct to buy the Galaxy Nexus with free battery upgrade, though it's unclear if it's a requirement to go directly through Samsung.

Image Credit: Samsung

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