Samsung: Galaxy Tab Return Rate Below 2 Percent

Paul Lilly

A recent report in The New York Post suggested that a high number of Galaxy Tab buyers aren't exactly pleased with their purchase, quoting a return rate of around 15 percent. That would certainly be cause for concern for Samsung, or at least it would be if it were true. According to Samsung, that's all a bunch of hogwash and the actual return is much, much lower.

"The return rate of the Galaxy Tab in the U.S. as claimed by a North American market research firm is incorrect," Samsung wrote on its Samsung Tomorrow blog. "According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business, the return rate is below 2 percent."

Incidentally, the return rate for Apple's iPad is 2 percent, a comparison that was made in The New York Post 's article. So why all the confusion? According to ZDNet , Samsung's sloppy communication might ultimately be to blame. Samsung recently bragged to the world that it had sold 2 million Galaxy Tabs, but when pressed for more information, the company admitted that these were in-channel sales to partners rather than indicative of consumer sales.

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