Samsung Galaxy Tab Racks Up 600,000 Sales

Ryan Whitwam

Samsung may not have beaten the iPad in one fell swoop, but they have made a respectable splash with the release of the Galaxy Tab around the world. The device has now sold 600,000 units according to a Korean newspaper. This makes it the most popular Android tablet by an order of magnitude.

This is the first Android tablet to have the tacit support of Google. The Big G has said Android 2.2 Froyo (like on the Galaxy Tab) is not meant for tablets. But Samsung is a close partner, so Google was apparently willing to allow the Android Market and Google apps to be shipped with the Tab.

The Galaxy Tab is going to be available on all major US carriers this holiday season. The Tab also managed 30,000 sales just in South Korea in one week. So consumers are at least willing to try Android on a tablet, but Google might make them regret that purchase. Future versions of the OS may bring specific tablet improvements, and users would have to wait for that to trickle down to their devices.

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