Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available to Pre-Order, Will You Be Getting One?

Paul Lilly

At least two wireless carriers have begun offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the U.S.

Anticipation has been running high for Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone, the successor to the wildly popular S3 that's played an instrumental role in capturing mobile market share that might have otherwise gone to Apple. If you've been waiting for your chance to jump, today's the day you can make the leap, provided you're interested in signing up with AT&T or U.S. Cellular for wireless service.

The Galaxy S4 is available to pre-order through AT&T starting at $200 for the 16GB model. That price includes a significant discount in exchange for a two-year service agreement. It's available in Frost White and Black Mist , both of which will ship out on April 30.

Alternately, U.S. Cellular is offering the same phone with the same color options for the same price, and will toss in Samsung's S View Flip Cover with purchase. The caveat? U.S. Cellular isn't serving a ton of locations with the pre-order. For example, we weren't able to get to an order screen using ZIP codes for San Francisco, Detroit, or Boston, but did get through when searching stock for Beckley, WV (25801). Assuming you live an area where you can pre-order the Galaxy S4, U.S. Cellular says you can expect it to ship in approximately four weeks.

Any takers?

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