Samsung Galaxy Players Finally Headed for US

Ryan Whitwam

Up to now, almost every Android device, and certainly every major one in the US, has had 3G connectivity for data and voice calls. Samsung produced the Galaxy Player, or Galaxy S WiFi for sale overseas. But now Engadget is reporting that the Wi-Fi only media player device is expected to reach American shores with its new iteration.

The 4-inch Galaxy Player 4 and the 5-inch Galaxy Player 5 should be for sale in the US this spring. Samsung is already showing the devices off in New York in preparation. These devices will have the full Google blessing, which means all the official Android apps like Gmail and Market will come installed. The Galaxy Players will be running Android 2.2 at launch, but a 2.3 update is possible. We'll be interested to see if that happens faster without carrier involvement.

Samsung is working to provide a real Android alternative to the iPod Touch. Something that is long overdue. What do you think is a fair price for these devices?

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