Samsung Fascinate Hits Verizon September 9 with Some Unwelcome Changes

Ryan Whitwam

Verizon announced today that the Samsung Fascinate Android phone will be available on September 9 for $199 on contract, after rebate. Good news if you're in the market for an Android device on Big Red, but it looks like this device is a victim of carrier modification making it much less desirable. Early reviews have noted a number of strange decisions in the phone's software.

Verizon's Galaxy S phone has Bing as the default search provider. That means the home screen widget and the front search button will search Bing, not Google. No problem, you can change that, right? Well, no actually. You're stuck with Bing. Then the bundled VZ Navigator is set at the default navigation app for every UI action that should call up Google Navigation. Users can change this, but it requires some tweaking in settings to get Google Navigation back.

With a Galaxy S on every carrier now, it's hard to see the Fascinate as a viable option. Those on Verizon may be interested, but the carrier is likely to push their Droid line of phones harder as we move into the shopping season. Are these changes more than you'd put up with?

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