Samsung Explains Why Galaxy IV Will Retain Plastic Design

Paul Lilly

Yes, Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone is likely to feel similar to the Galaxy S III.

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung and Apple have taken completely different approaches. Apple, for example, is all about iOS, but beyond the software, iPhones tend to feel like premium devices due to their metal and glass construction. They're also more fragile than some smartphones. Samsung, on the other hand, uses lots of plastic, sometimes to the dismay of customers. Will the Galaxy S IV reverse course?

Don't hold your breath. Y.H. Lee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division, sat for a spell with CNet to discuss the company's design philosophy. According to Lee, Samsung doesn't just take aesthetics into consideration, it also evaluates how quickly it can manufacture a product it knows will be in high demand.

Cheaper materials and less complicated designs are easeir to produce, whereas a device like the iPhone 5 features chamfers (beveled edges) cut with crystalline diamonds. The degree of difficulty is much higher, which in turn can lead to production delays and product shortages.

Samsung also suggests its Galaxy line is more durable than competing smartphones because the plastic back cover is bendable and better at absorbing accidental drops. Speaking of which, Samsung recognizes that customers prefer being able to remove the back cover to swap out the battery, and it's likely the Galaxy S IV will offer the same functionality.

Android and iOS notwithstanding, do you prefer the physical design of premium feeling phones like the iPhone and LG Optimus G, or do you like the plastic feel of the Galaxy S III?

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