Samsung CTIA Video Teases Nexus Prime

Ryan Whitwam

In the wake of a lackluster iPhone 4S announcement, many phone fans are looking forward to next week’s CTIA event where Google and Samsung are expected to make a big Android announcement. In an apparent effor to stoke the fires, Samsung has released a teaser video that contains a glimpse of what is likely to be the Nexus Prime. This new flagship device is expected to be a major departure from last year’s model.

Near the end of the video, the phone is seen edge on, with a glowing line tracing the curve of the Contour Screen. The severity of the curve seems to have increased from last year’s device, but the body is markedly thinner as well. There is a substantial bump at the bottom of the device, like many Samsung phones as of late. We also catch sight of what appears to be a dock connector on the side of the device.

The Nexus Prime (the name of which is in dispute) is expected to run a dual-core SoC, possibly an OMAP. The screen is rumored to pack a whopping 1280x720 pixels and be about 4.65-inches diagonal. The Nexus Prime will run Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system update. How does this tease strike you?

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