Samsung Chromebook Available Early from Gilt

Ryan Whitwam

The Samsung Chromebook is up for sale a bit early , but you’re never going to guess where. Google is sending out email invites to select CR-48 users directing them to high-end deal site Gilt for a special pre-sale of the Samsung Series 5 ChromeOS device. The uninvited can use this link to get in on the fun, though. You need a Gilt account, but the price seems pegged at $499.

The Series 5 is the higher-end version of the first real Chromebooks. It has the customary dual-core Atom, 8.5 hour battery life, integrated 3G, and a 12.1-inch screen. When closed, it is only 0.79-inches thick. Those that buy the device on Gilt will get a special “limited edition” sleeve designed by Rickshaw.

The pricing is more or less what the Series 5 is expected to fetch at retail. If you really need to be the first to have a Chrome OS notebook, or simply must have that sleeve, hit the link above. Sale begins at 9PM PST today.

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