Samsung Announces Slim and Sexy Optical Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets

Paul Lilly

Having to lug around bulky accessories and peripherals with your Ultrabook or tablet PC kind of negates the whole idea behind thin and light form factors. At the same time, some people find an external optical disc drive (ODD) to be an essential companion, and if you're one of those people, you may want to slap Samsung with a high-five for announcing its new SE-218BB external DVD writer.

Samsung claims the SE-218BB is the world's thinnest ODD, making it a perfect compliment for light and portable devices. It's 18 percent slimmer than conventional DVD writers, measures just 14mm high, and is 8 percent lighter than Samsung's regular DVD writers. And with a brushed aluminum aesthetic, it looks good to boot.

Here's another bonus: It uses a single USB port to power the drive and provide AV connectivity. Most (not all) external DVD writers require two USB ports to function properly, and since these are in short supply on many Ultrabooks, this could end up being a major selling point.

As for speeds:

  • 24X CD-ROM
  • 24X CD-RW
  • 8X DVD±R recording
  • 5X DVD-RAM recording
  • 6X DVD+R Dual Layer recording
  • 6X DVD-R Dual Layer recording
  • 8X DVD±RW recording
  • 6x DVD-RW recording

You can purchase the SE-218BB now for $60 MSRP.

Image Credit: Samsung

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