Samsung Announces Four New Atom 450-Powered Netbooks

Paul Lilly

Purchased a netbook within the last six months or so? Brace yourself, because the sad reality is that your Atom N270/N280 netbook is now obsolete, old news, and playing second fiddle to the crop of Atom N450 models starting to pop up (don't worry though, these won't run Crysis either). The latest to litter the landscape with next-gen Atom-based netbooks is Samsung, who today launched four new models: Samsung N210, N220, N150, and NB30.

Hopping out in front are the N210 and N220, both of which claim "up to 12 hours of secure connected mobility." The NB30 comes close with a rated battery life of up to 11 hours, and the NB150 keeps things respectable with up to 8.5 hours, according to Samsung.

All four new models share the same 10.1-inch LED anti-reflective display which, when used with the integrated Easy Resolution Manager tool, allows end-users to quickly adjust the screen resolution when the need arises.

Other specs remain scarce, and pricing details non-existent, at least until the new models go on sale "early in January."

Image Credit: Samsung

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