Samsung Aggressively Pushing 8GB Notebook Modules

Paul Lilly

Samsung said it has already begun mass producing 8GB SO-DIMM modules for notebooks and mobile workstations, and if others follow suit, 8GB could become the new 4GB.

You won't find 8GB as a standard option on most notebooks, and Samsung alone isn't likely to drastically change that. But you probably will see 8GB start to creep into more higher end laptops. And for those that are interested in 8GB, Samsung says its new module consumes 53 percent less power than two 4GB DDR3 modules.

That's not going to make or break your notebook's battery life, but hey, every little bit helps. And in the mobile workstation space, those savings can start to add up. Dell, for example, is the first to market with the new module, with its 17-inch Precision M6500 coming equipped with four 8GB Samsung modules for a total of 32GB.

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