Samson's Wireless Portable PA System Includes an iPod Dock

Paul Lilly

Samson Technologies on Thursday announced its wireless Expedition XP40iw portable PA system, the latest addition to the Expedition family and the first to feature a built-in wireless microphone and rechargeable battery.

"The XP40iw sound system is perfect for any occasion where great sound and portability are a must," said Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson Technologies. "Setup is a snap so it’s easy to use at a backyard party Saturday night and to fire up the troops at a Monday morning sales meeting."

It also comes with an onboard iPod dock plopped right into the top handle. Samsung says the XP40iw is capable of up to 40W of full-range sound from a lightweight Class D amplifier and 6-inch woofer with titanium dome compression driver.

The XP40iw is available now for $300.

Image Credit: Samson

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