Saints Row IV Ups The Ante With Game of the Generation Collector's Edition

Brittany Vincent

Keep calm and Dubstep Doomsday.

Saints Row IV is getting another new special edition, and it's even grander than before. The Game of the Generation Edition is a collector's item to covet if you're a fan of the franchise's distinctive style, and it's packing a few extra features for Saints Row enthusiasts to drool over. Check out the specifics and a larger image of the goods inside!

There are only 5000 copies being produced of the new $129.99 collector's edition, hopefully keeping this set out of the video game store bargain bin purgatory. It brings with it everything found previously in the $99 Super Dangerous Wub Wub Edition and more. For $30 extra dollars you can give your copy the truly presidential treatment.

The full rundown is as follows: a light-up rotating display case with individually numbered plaque, a velvet pouch to keep the game in, a replica of the in-game Dubstep gun that plays music, 8-inch Johnny Gat Memorial Statue, pocket-sized Dubstep Doomsday Button, and DLC including the Screaming Eagle rocket launcher, 'Merica Gun, and the horrifyingly patriotic Uncle Sam uniform for your Saint.

While Deep Silver states this edition is available for preorder now, curiously it's not available at any retailers we were able to find, and even Amazon appears to be a no-go as well. Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris has confirmed , however, they are still working on getting this resolved.

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