Safari 4 Beta is the First Browser to Hit a Perfect Acid3 Test Score

Paul Lilly

As far as moral victories in the browser wars go, Apple's Safari web browser can now claim one of them. The Safari 4 beta scored a perfect 100/100 on the brutal Acid3 web standards test, becoming the first browser to pass all four conditions of the test (browser must use default settings, animation has to be smooth, score must end on 100/100, and must produce a pixel perfect copy of the reference rendering ).

In theory, this would make Safari the dominant browser, with Opera 9.52 scoring 84 points, Firefox 3.0.3 at 71 points, and IE7 and IE8 posting rather dismal scores at 14 and 21 points respectively. Somewhat marring Safari's achievement is that whole market share thing, in which Microsoft's Internet Explorer, despite lagging way behind the competition in Acid3's testing, still dominates by a wide margin.

Still, the bar has been set, and as TGDaily points out, it may prompt rivals to optimize their JavaScript and layout engines for a no longer elusive perfect sweep. Looking forward, Opera's Presto engine comes close at 99 points, and Firefox's Gecko engine currently hovers at 87 points.

The question is, do you care about the Acid3 test?

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