Sadouken: Super Street Fighter IV Dodging PC Due to Piracy

Nathan Grayson

Street Fighter IV's great and all, but the cool kids (by which we mean the ones that Tiger Uppercutted you so hard that your Internet connection dropped) have moved on to Super Street Fighter IV. As with previous “Super” editions of Street Fighter games, SSFIV packs a slightly larger wallop in the form of new fighters, stages, modes, and a number of balancing tweaks.

PC gamers, however, lost their SSFIV privileges when a few bad eggs ruined everything for the rest of the class. Big round of sarcastic applause for – of course – piracy!

Speaking with (translation via Gamasutra ), producer Yoshinori Ono said that while Street Fighter IV's PC version actually sold fairly well, it was also "number one in piracy." Unless he's able to find an extremely powerful anti-piracy solution, he explained, SSFIV's staying locked up tight on consoles.

Being a PC gamer (or, we suppose, an early 1800s engineer), you probably just gave your typical answer to all of life's problems: Steam. Ono, however, isn't too hot on that idea, as he believes that kind of restriction is unfair to those without access to Steam.

Theoretically, though, anyone with access to an Internet-enabled PC can have Steam up-and-running in seconds, so we don't really understand Ono's logic. So instead, no one gets to play, because that makes perfect sense! Maybe pirates also stole Ono's basic reasoning abilities?

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