Saba Launches New Enterprise Collaboration Suite

Paul Lilly

Saba, a self-proclaimed "premier global provider of people management software and services," announced its new Saba Collaboration Suite, a real-time collaboration and enterprise business networking solution the company says ties social learning to collaborative performance management.

According to Saba, the new suite will bring to market an integrated solution that combines enterprise-level Web conferencing and real-time communication with networking capabilities. Also part of the package is real-time communication with presence, IMs, video-enabled channels, VoIP-enabled online meetings, and Web conferences.

The suite also contains a new piece of software called Saba Live, which the company says will allow enterprise to use social media in an corporate environment. Some of the features include Unified People Profiles, Saba Live Impressions (described as Twitter-like performance feedback by co-workers), and Saba Live Channels to bring Youtube=-like ease of video sharing to the enterprise.

Saba Collaboration Suite will be available by the end of August 2010.

Image Credit: Saba

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