Russian Spammer Charged in Wisconsin

Paul Lilly

Federal authorities believe they have in custody one of the most active spammers in the world. Oleg Y. Nikolaenko, a 23-year-old from Moscow, stands accused of spearheading a global spamming network that on some days accounted for 33 percent of unwanted mails, according to Yahoo News .

Nikolaenko will be arraigned today in federal court in Milwaukee where he is to be charged with running afoul of the CAN-SPAM act. In order to bring about that charge, a person must be accused of intentionally falsifying header information in commercial emails and sending at least 2,500 spam messages a day.

Authorities believe Nikolaenko's spam network was sending up to 10 billion messages every day, far more than the minimum requirement for the CAN-SPAM act. If convicted, he faces a maximum three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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