Russian Search Engine Yandex Surpasses Bing in Popularity

Paul Lilly

Bing falls to fifth place in the search engine wars, according to data from comScore qSearch.

Google tends to be the go-to search engine in the United States and in many other parts of the world, but in Russia, Yandex is top dog. On a global scale, Yandex is now officially more popular than Microsoft's Bing , so says the latest search engine data from comScore qSearch. Bing slipped to fifth place with a 2.5 share of the search market, falling slightly behind Yandex at 2.8 percent.

The top three search engines are Google (62 percent), China's Baidu (8.2 percent), and Yahoo (4.9 percent). There's an interesting trend beneath the market share figures, however, one which suggests Yandex is an intense favorite among those who have used it.

For example, Bing say 268.6 million unique searches in December, more than three times as many as Yandex, which notched 74.4 million unique searches in the same month. However, Yandex's total searches in December came to 4.84 billion, ahead of Bing at 4.48 billion.

"It's thanks to the Russian audience that the number of Yandex searches grew," Yandex spokesperson Tatiana Komarova said, according to East-West Digital News . "Internet penetration is still relatively low in Russia and it continues to grow by adding older people and residents of small towns."

Outside of Russia, Yandex is also popular in the Kazakh, Ukrainian, and Belorussian markets.

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