Rupert Murdoch Friday Morning Tweet: We Screwed Up MySpace but Learned a Lot

Paul Lilly

There have been nothing but headlines since Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter less than two weeks ago. After owning an account for just 48 hours, Murdoch managed to offend an entire country by suggesting the "Brits have too many holidays for a broke country." Shortly after, a fake Wendi Murdoch (wife of Rupert Murdoch) account was mistakenly verified by Twitter as real. Never shy of the spotlight, Murdoch this morning went on record saying he and his team "screwed up" MySpace in just about every way imaginable.

"Many questions and jokes about MySpace. Simple answer - we screwed up in every way possible, learned lots of valuable lessons," Murdoch tweeted on Friday morning.

It's an obvious and honest admission (albeit a repeat one ), and one that couldn't have come easy after News Corp. spent $580 million acquiring the social networking site back in 2005 before selling it for just $35 million last summer. That's a $545 million loss, not including however much money was poured into the site before dumping it on Specific Media, MySpace's new owner.

Something tells us this isn't likely to be the last time Murdoch tweets something that attracts media attention. If you'd like to follow him, you can do so here .

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