Rupert Murdoch Attacks "Chicken Cuomo" on Twitter

Paul Lilly

When you're a billionaire media mogul, you have the luxury of saying just about whatever you want on social networking and mircroblogging sites. Rupert Murdoch's recently registered Twitter account underscores this, and the fact that he's making more waves in two weeks than Charlie Sheen did during his prolonged meltdown proves he's either using Twitter entirely the wrong way or exactly the way it should be. Quite frankly, we're having trouble deciding.

One of his newer controversial tweets calls out New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

"Bloomberg's bold teacher proposals today [are] terrific. How will chicken Cuomo respond? If UFT refuses this money good teachers will scream," Murdoch tweeted last week.

The cranky 80-year-old is talking about the United Federation of Teachers and the union's strong dislike for strict teacher evaluation systems, for which Cuomo recommended as part of his budget proposal. And just so everyone's clear on where Murdoch stands, "Calling Cuomo chicken only related to teacher evaluation," he said in a followup tweet , adding that the Governor "has 70 percent approval, so let's see him use it for education."

Murdoch has barely over 141,000 followers on his Twitter account, yet is fairly active and never afraid to say what he feels needs to be said, whether it's touching on the topic of piracy while almost simultaneously bitching about the high price of going to the theater, or admitting to screwing up his company's MySpace acquisition.

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