RunCore Rolls Out InVincible Solid State Drive with Self Destruction Mechanisms

Paul Lilly

RunCore's latest solid state drive offering is an oxymoron in the tech world, or perhaps the company was being ironic when naming its new SSD line 'InVincible' when 'Impenetrable' might have been a better choice. Naming scheme aside, the neat thing about RunCore's InVincible line is that the drives feature a pair of self-destruction modes, including one that wipes out data by overwriting the entire disk -- otherwise known as zeroing out -- and one that's, um, a bit more permanent.

"A less subtle method is the physical destruction of your SSD by applying an over-current to the NAND flash memory and thereby physically destroying these," RunCore explains . "The RunCore InVincible product series is catering to embedded computer systems requiring high-speed serial switched fabric interconnects for rugged design implementation and more flexible power ranges. Delivering optimized storage options particularly in mission-critical fields such aerospace, military and general industrial applications."

RunCore uploaded a video of the self-destruct feature to YouTube (see below), and these folks aren't fooling around. Within seconds of activating the physical self-destruct mode, the InVincible SSD starts to smoke. The chips inside end up burned and cracked.

No word on how much these suicidal drives cost or when paranoid data hoarders will be able to purchase them.

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