Run Out of Condoms? There's an App for That

Paul Lilly

If you're under the legal age for sexual intercourse in your state, then this post is irrelevant to you because you're practicing abstinence, right? Of course you are, now scurry along. For everyone else, there's a new app designed to help you from being caught with your pants down unprepared.

It's called iCondom , and while it doesn't dispense prophylactics from your iPhone, it does show you a list of the 10 nearest condom dispensers, address and all. It even shows you the price, because we all know that's exactly what's on your mind when you're about to get intimate.

There are a few caveats. For one, you'll need a partner to make something like this worthwhile. Secondly, it's only available for the iPhone (sorry Android users). And finally, the app knows the locations of dispensers in just a few areas, including New York City, Washington D.C., Paris, and Marselle.

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