Rumors Point to White iPhone Launch on April 27

Paul Lilly

At this point, it almost seems silly to bother with releasing a white iPhone 4 device, a strangely elusive color for Apple that, for one reason or another, hasn't yet made it to market. The earliest hint that Apple might be on the verge of releasing a white iPhone 4 was the release of a white iPad 2, seemingly suggesting that whatever issue Apple was having has now been sorted out. However, recent rumors suggest a release later this week.

First there was the photo and information that was sent to Engadget last week. At the time, Engadget claimed it had seen retailers making space for the handset over the past few months. Following that, reports surfaced that U.K. wireless vendor Vodafone jumped the gun and accidentally sold a white iPhone 4.

The latest bit of evidence to spring from the rumor mill is a leaked screenshot of a Best Buy inventory listing that shows the white iPhone 4 as having an in-stock date of April 27, 2011. The screenshot, which was sent to , shows AT&T's GSM model, though the site says its "connects at Verizon told us there is a CDMA version coming, too."

A white iPhone 4 will probably find an audience, though we can't help but wonder if Apple would be better served by waiting until the iPhone 5 ships to offer another color.

Image Credit: AppleInsider

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