Rumored GTX 670 Ti Specifications Surface

Brad Chacos

All right, the Nvidia GTX 680 is finally here, and it's awesome ! The high end graphics card is so awesome, in fact, that picking one up will set you back a cool $500 -- more than many people are willing (or able) to spend on gaming. Fortunately for fraggers on a budget, we're starting to hear rumors about more moderately priced cards like the GTX 670 Ti.

The GTX 670 Ti will reportedly still use the same GK104 base as the GTX 680, according to the German website (and helpfully reported in English by VR Zone ). In fact, the reports say GTX 670 Ti will basically be the GTX 680, but with one of the eight streaming multiprocessors (SMX) disabled -- presumably due to manufacturing defects. Each SMX rocks 192 CUDA cores, so a seven SMX-sporting GTX 670 Ti would have 1344 cores.

Most other specs are said to be basically identical to the GTX 680, but with rumored core clock base speed of at least 900MHz and a 1250MHz memory clock (5GHz effective). That means:

  • 1344 Cores
  • 4 Graphics Processing Clusters
  • 7 SMX Clusters (192 units per Cluster)
  • 112 Texture Units
  • 32 Raster Units
  • 256-bit Memory Controller
  • 2 GB GDDR5 Memory

So when can we expect to see the GTX 670 Ti? Nvidia's Kepler launch isn't as fast and furious as AMD's 7000 series roll out: all signs -- and by that, we mean rumors -- point to the GTX 670 Ti launching in May. That sort of timeframe would let Nvidia stockpile plenty of cards with a missing SMX block. Price-wise, says to expect the GTX 670 Ti to fall somewhere in the $350 to $400 range. The numbers sound right to our ears, but as always, remember to take all rumors with a punch of salt.

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