Rumor: Microsoft Targeting Q2-Q3 2015 for Release of Windows 9 Preview



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1. Ignore the MS trolls here in this forum
2. Wait for the masses to install it and report back with the problems they encountered
3. If you like a stable system - avoid any new OS from MS until about 2-year after release date



So is it time to start bitching about it and talking about how we wish we could go back to 8 or do we need to wait until then?



I would never install this on my PC without some feedback first.

When I installed windows 8.1 preview OMG....



Windows seems increasingly irrelevant, trapped under violently rolling waves of customer alienation. "They're holding it wrong" pales in comparison to the anti-customer damage control bullshit I've seen Microsoft initiate over the past two years. And still the "viral marketing" crap doesn't end. Their trolls will even insult customers' mothers if anything critical is ever said about the Ballmer vision.

So, no. No to any touch screen bullshit. No to cloud bullshit. No to subscription bullshit. If Windows 9 is more Ballmer, the trolls can use it. Keep attacking customers, though. I hear that really brings 'em back in droves.


Bullwinkle J Moose


As long as we post rumors, we are on topic?

Gordon will spring for a new EDC light as soon as he finds that the Thrunite TN12 2014 Edition is now stocked in Neutral White

and that I'll probably get a few myself just for nighttime video shoots

But it was also rumored that these rumors were not 1st rumored by Chinese rumor-monger E-Fake


Ghost XFX

Roughly around the time Intel releases Broadwell....



It's being said that Win8.1 Update 2 will give y'all your start menu back. That should make a lot of people happy, but it won't be good for the Classic Shell and similar product makers.

Oh, it goes.



Yeah two and half years later we get Start Menu back....
I thought with the Start button coming back it was going to be better then just going to the Metro screen....

IF I get the Start Menu back I'll add all of my desktop icons to it =)
which would be a big cluster like on current metro.



actually, Classic Shell and similar Start Menu makers will still be happy because it appears that the new Start Menu is consist of Windows 7-style programs menu and the Metro tiles on the right side. To me it's an okay compromise, but not for everyone else. I don't like the idea of Metro continuously shoved in my face everywhere i go, including my start menu. I can accept the Metro interface, but the UI needs to be separate, like they should've put a Win8 with metro UI on tablet and win8 with 100% desktop+Start menu on the desktop. if they put metro on the desktop I suggest they need to improve the usability, compatibility, and functionality. I've seen people at stores and at home (particularly my mom) having trouble using Win8 on a tablet.




To each his own, of course. Myself...I've never had much use for a start menu. I don't mind it not being there, but if they put it in, I'll just ignore it like I always did before.

But I like the tile interface...for the tiled apps. It works well and was easy for me to learn and get used to. But maybe I'm just more capable like that...unlike those like your mom who have trouble with it. Your mom should probably stay with Win7.



I am testing WIN 8.1.1 on laptops and, with auxiliary software like Classic Shell and 8 Gadget Pack, enjoy a very WIN7 UI and operation. WIN8 appears faster at startup and shutdown, and I see no delays in desktop operations. I am not doing extensive testing, however.

WIN 8.1.1 (Windows 8.1 Update 1) on a Core i3 Gateway with 8GB RAM and Radeon 6570 video seems to work very nicely, and I hope to push it further to see if it can handle what I need to do. One dealbreaker already is that NetFlix won't work in anything other than IE, and I had to call Microsoft tech support to get that working. DRM errors are the culprit this time...

I await WIN 8.1.2 and will put it on several systems as soon as it arrives.

Atlanta, GA.


Peanut Fox

I'm more interested in what performance increases we'll see, and what Microsoft intends to do with the UI.