Rumor: XFX to Start Selling ATI Videocards in 2009


Rumors that XFX might be defecting from Nvidia have been stirring for months now, and at the time, Evga was also being mentioned. More recently, it's just been XFX at the center of speculation , and according to Fudzilla, it's a done deal.

"We've managed to confirm that XFX will join the ATI camp at the start of the new year," Fudzilla writes . "XFX won't drop Nvidia products either, but obviously, Nvidia won't be thrilled by this turn of events."

Nvidia might not be thrilled at losing an exclusive add-in-board (AIB) partner, but AMD should be, and rightfully so. While AMD's graphics division has finally caught up with Nvidia in terms of performance, some enthusiasts found their buying decision coming down to brand. XFX, Evga, and BFG all offer lifetime warranties and other end-user perks, and all have been exclusive to Nvidia. If Fudzilla's confirmation turns out to be correct, AMD gains a major player for its graphics division, and one has to wonder how long it would be until Evga and BFG start playing both sides as well.

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