Rumor: Xbox 360 Price Cuts Coming (Next Year)

Paul Lilly

Maybe Microsoft isn't losing as much money on consoles as previously thought. According to news and rumor site Fudzilla, cost improvements for the Xbox 360 Slim have the Redmond giant making more money on its console than ever before, which could result in upcoming price cuts.

"According to our sources, it is likely that Microsoft will drop the prices of both the low-end and high-end models by as much as $50 next year," Fudzilla says . "It is already being suggested that the news could come as soon as E3 next year."

What's more, Fudzilla says its sources have also indicated a two-phase price drop for the Kinect. The first is rumored to come when Microsoft drops the Adventures pack-in title, and then another closer to the holiday shopping season in 2011.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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