Rumor: Windows 8 Coming to Desktops in Fall 2012

Paul Lilly

Waiting anxiously for Windows 8? We could tell you to mark your calendars for Fall 2012, except for two things. First and foremost, there hasn't been any official word from Redmond regarding Windows 8's release date. And secondly, you're likely to run out of ink filling in all the blanks on your calendar that comprise Fall. Nevertheless, it appears Windows 8 is destined for desktops around this time next year.

That's what news and rumor site Fudzilla is saying, which claims to have chatted with "multiple sources from different companies," all of which are "involved with Windows 8." According those multiple sources, Windows 8 will ship in late 2012. If true -- and that's about the time we were expecting anyway -- a public beta build could be just around the corner.

Let's look back for a moment. Windows 7 released to retail on October 22, 2009 and went RTM (Release To Manufacturing) exactly two months prior on July 22, 2009. In January of that year, Microsoft made available a beta build and initially capped the downloads at 2.5 million. If Windows 8 follows that same general release schedule, you could get your hands on an official beta build in January 2012.

What's different this time around is Microsoft is also building versions of Windows 8 for ARM processors, and it's not yet clear if those will be made available to the public in beta form just like the x86 builds.

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