Rumor: Windows 8 Beta Launching in September, With An April 2012 RTM

Maximum PC Staff

Steven Sinofsky and his team are guarding the release date of Redmond’s next OS pretty carefully these days, but despite the all the clues that point to a 2012 launch we haven’t had much to go on until now. According to ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley , Microsoft should be ready to launch Windows 8 by no later than summer 2012, with an official beta being seeded to developers at the September build conference.

Foley’s trusted source within Microsoft also claims to know for a fact that this will be the one and only beta release, with an RC version coming soon after in January if no major bugs are discovered. Microsoft has already openly admitted that they are somewhat less interested in feedback this time around, so a shorter beta period makes sense if the rumored timeline holds true.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but is less than 3 years too soon for a new version of Windows?

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