Rumor: Wi-Fi Only Galaxy Tab Launching April 4th for $399

Justin Kerr

We aren’t sure why so many Android tablets have tied their fates to the contract crazy wireless carriers, but clearly it’s a strategy that’s done little more than allow the iPad to continue eating their lunch. Android tablet makers should be under no illusion, the real promise of Google’s tablet OS lies in devices with more functionality, at a lower cost. Apparently Samsung finally clued into this reality, and according to Droid Life , is getting ready to release a Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab on April 4th for a very reasonable $399.

The $399 price tag certainly gives the Galaxy Tab a fighting chance, however it’s a bit late to the game and faces some pretty stiff competition. The launch of the iPad 2 has driven prices for the original Apple tablet down into the same price point, not to mention a little known company called Motorola which also plans to launch a Wi-Fi only variant of the Xoom in April. Perspective buyers should also know that this version of the Galaxy Tab, just like the 3G version, is most likely permanently stuck on version 2.2.

Is $399 reasonable for a Froyo based tablet? If not how low does Samsung need to go?

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