Rumor: Toshiba to Launch Glasses-free 3D Notebooks in 2H11

Pulkit Chandna

Like the rest of its consumer electronics peers, Toshiba too is betting big on 3D. But its romance with 3D has been of the glasses-free variety from its very inception. The company holds the distinction of being the first to market with an autostereoscopic 3DTV and has also been seen lugging a glasses-free 3D notebook protoype at recent trade shows. According to Digitimes, the world could see the launch of  glasses-less 3D notebooks from Toshiba as early as the second half of 2011.

Industry sources suggest that the new Toshiba notebooks will rely on the company's proprietary integral imaging technology for the 3D effect. This is how the company described the technology in a release last year: "The integral imaging system offers a significant reduction in eye fatigue during long periods of viewing, and features a multi-parallax[1] design that enables motion parallax, which cannot be achieved by systems using glasses. The multi-parallax approach results in images that change depending on the viewer's position. In addition, the viewing angle is wide, and the resulting stereoscopic image is natural and smooth.”

“In some previous integral imaging implementations, there have been issues raised relating to the loss of effective image resolution. We have addressed this problem by applying LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) technology to develop an ultra-high-definition LCD module for this newly-introduced high-definition and large-screen 3D display.”

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