Rumor: Spielberg Interested in Making a Halo Movie

Paul Lilly

If you factor in the sales figures for Halo: Reach , the Halo series is a multi-billion dollar franchise. Maybe it's time Microsoft starts thinking about movies, especially if rumors suggesting Stephen Spielberg is interested in making a Halo film turn out to be true.

According to the latest chatter, Spielberg is trying to secure the rights for DreamWorks to produce the first live action film based on the Halo franchise. Both the videogames and the Halo novels would be used as source material for the script.

This isn't the first time Halo has been linked to the big screen. Universal and Fox spent millions of dollars trying to put the pieces in place to make a Halo movie, but the project eventually fell apart. Whatever script Spielberg might be working on is said to be totally different.

Lots more info here .

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